All About
Orthodontic Treatment

At Shanahan Orthodontics, we believe in personalized care for you and your family.

That’s why each and every treatment decision is based on your needs and desires.

Getting Braces

It all starts with the consultation:

When you call our office you’ll be greeted by our wonderful receptionist ready to help you make a free initial consultation. We start by conducting an initial exam, taking x-rays if needed, and looking at your teeth so we can see what your dental issues are. We’ll talk about your concerns with your smile, your goals for treatment, and the type of care you are looking for. We’ll give you a good idea of what will happen so you’ll know what to expect in each step.

Starting treatment:

Once Dr. Shanahan and you decide which treatment is best, it’s time to get started on that beautiful new smile. Dr. Shanahan and his team fit the brackets, to your teeth and then add a wire to help move your teeth. Putting your braces on takes about 45 to 90 minutes. If you’re getting invisalign, your appointment will include instructions on the fit of the aligners and timing for change.

Getting Adjusted:

Every 6-8 weeks you will come in for an appointment to adjust your braces. During this appointment you will see Dr. Shanahan and the dental assistants will make changes to your braces. We will also discuss any concerns that you have with your treatment. Wearing your rubber bands and following all of Dr. Shanahan’s instructions will get you one step closer to a beautiful straight smile.

Revealing your new smile:

Finally the big day is here! Dr. Shanahan will remove your braces, and you’ll get to unveil that perfect smile. Go ahead and take that selfie… we wont judge!

After your braces are off:

A long time ago, orthodontists told people to wear a retainer for a few months, but thats not the case anymore. A retainer is required for  everyone to maintain the new position of their teeth. Your retainer will be custom fitted to your new smile and will keep your teeth straight after treatment. We want your smile to last a lifetime, so we will do whatever it takes to keep that retainer in your mouth.