Patient Testimonials

Your positive dental experience is our top goal.  Drs. DiMassa & Wenger and their team listen carefully to your comments and suggestions to continually improve the care you receive.  Enjoy browsing through some of our recent, featured patient testimonials, and read what they had to say about Braces by DiMassa & Wenger.  Then,  be sure to let us hear about your experience, too!


Patient: Mary Jane D.

Mary Jane D

Dental Concern: Crooked teeth endangering entire smile

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Mary Jane lived with the concerns of crooked teeth that were improperly aligned, causing some of her teeth to become quite loose,  In fact, she was in danger of loosing those teeth.  She was self-conscious about her smile and protruding lower front tooth.  Finally, Mary Jane took the advice of her family dentist who recommended Dr. DiMassa, telling Mary Jane, ”Dr. DiMassa can do miracles with even the most challenging cases.”  Mary Jane contacted Braces by DiMassa, and together, Dr. DiMassa and Mary Jane decided braces would be the best treatment option for her smile’s condition,  It wasn’t long before Dr. DiMassa had created a perfectly beautiful and aligned smile for Mary Jane!  “I smile more and love to show people my beautiful teeth since my smile makeover,” Mary Jane says.  “My gums have become healthier and my loose teeth have tightened.  I am no longer in fear of losing any of my teeth!”  Mary Jane’s gorgeous new smile exudes confidence and health to everyone she meets.  “I would encourage anyone thinking about changing their smile to do so,” Mary Jane encourages.  “In the long run, it is worth the time, effort, and expense.  You will be rewarded with a beautiful smile and with increased confidence, and you will be thrilled with your results!”


Patient: Eleanore H.

Eleanore H

Dental Concern: Crooked teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Eleanore had felt uncomfortable about her smile since grade school.  Together with her parents, Eleanore consulted with Dr. DiMassa to realign her smile and was treated with braces to correct her bite and to reveal the smile of her dreams.  The results?  Fabulous!  “I love to smile now,” Eleanore says.  “All of my friends have been so excited to see my gorgeous new smile.”  Eleanore feels great and looks even better with a beautifully aligned smile and all the confidence that goes with it.  “I would tell anyone thinking about changing their smile to do it,” Eleanore suggests.  “It is well worth your time!”


Patient: Ashlee L.

Ashlee L

Dental Concern: Moderate spacing and misalignment of teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Adolescence is a difficult time for any teenager – only to have it exacerbated by crooked teeth.  Ashley became aware of her misaligned teeth while looking at her school pictures.  Her family dentist recommended Braces by DiMassa, and many of her peers also had glowing reviews of Dr. DiMassa’s work.  Ashlee and her parents met the Braces by DiMassa team during her initial appointment, at which time Dr. DiMassa recommended braces as the best treatment to correct her misaligned smile.  “I can now walk into a room and smile because I feel so confident about myself,” Ashlee glows.  “My friends love my new teeth and repeatedly tell me how they hope their smiles will someday look just as pretty.”  With a new, beautifully-crafted smile, Ashlee is ready to move into adulthood with the greatest self-confidence.  “Braces are totally worth it to have a fabulous smile!”


Patient: Rachel L.

Rachel L

Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of her teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Ever since she was very young, Rachel felt uncomfortable with her smile, and her dentist was concerned about her bite.  After a recommendation from her dentist, Rachel and her parents sought the expertise of Braces by DiMassa.  They carefully listened as Dr. DiMassa explained all of her treatment options.  After wearing braces, Rachel now enjoys the smile she always dreamed about and all the confidence to go with it!  “I actually like to see my smile in pictures now,” Rachel says.  “All of my friends really like my new smile, too.  I would tell anyone thinking about changing their smile to do it, and to do it with Braces by DiMassa!”


Patient: Lexi A.

Lexi A

Dental Concern: Lots of spacing

Treatment Selected: Limited upper braces/Early intervention

Since the time she was in kindergarten, Lexi had people pointing out the gap between her front teeth.  Lexi’s Mom sought out the expertise of Dr. DiMassa and decided to improve Lexi’s smile and confidence through orthodontics.  In the first phase, Lexi’s upper teeth were straightened, closing the front gap, which resulted in a beaming, gorgeous smile.  This early orthodontic intervention enhances how the rest of her permanent teeth come in — allowing an ideal result to be achieved later with full braces.   “All of my friends say my teeth look really nice,” Lexi enthuses.  “The treatment is pretty easy, and it is so worth it!”  With wonderful new self-confidence, Lexi feels proud to show the world her new, radiant smile!


Patient: Randall S.

Randall S

Dental Concern: His smile was ok, but he knew it could be improved

Treatment Selected: 1st Phase, Bonded Expander and Facemask, Metal Braces

Randall knows the value of a beautiful, healthy smile.  “One of the first things someone notices is your smile and teeth,” he explains.  “It’s important to make a good and lasting impression.”  Randall couldn’t be more right!  He first noticed his smile could use some improving when he was a freshman in high school.  Together with his parents, he consulted with Dr. DiMassa because of a long, positive family history with Braces by DiMassa and because the entire team is reliable and efficient.  Since undergoing treatment, Randall now has the beaming, straight smile he always wanted!  “I receive a lot more compliments on my smile now,” Randall says.  “I would tell anyone thinking about enhancing their smile that when you put your care in the right hands, like in Dr. DiMassa’s and his team, it is definitely worth it.”  Now, Randall’s new confidence and beautiful smile always leave the right impression!


Patient: Josie C.

Josie C

Dental Concern: Self-conscious of her smile

Treatment Selected: Ceramic Braces

As a happy, jovial person, Josie found it difficult to proudly display a big, cheery smile.  She first noticed her crooked teeth in middle school and disliked seeing her smile in pictures.  “I always notice a person’s smile and teeth first when I meet them,” Josie explains.  “I wanted to feel confident in myself and how people looked at my teeth.”  Josie decided to improve her smile and confidence and sought out help from Braces by DiMassa after a fabulous recommendation from her dentist.  After receiving the orthodontic treatment she so desperately needed, Josie has beautifully-aligned teeth that radiate inner confidence each time she smiles.   “I love to smile,” Josie beams.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”  With renewed self-esteem and a gorgeous smile, Josie’s inner happiness is shown to all around her through free, proud laughs and big smiles.  Her advice, “Don’t wait another minute!”


Patient: Jennifer M.

Jennifer M

Dental Concern: Misaligned teeth

Treatment Selected: 1st Phase, Bonded Expander and Facemask, Metal Braces

Jennifer knew her teeth had been crooked for a few years.  She was ready for a beautiful, straight smile that she could proudly display to anyone, in any situation.  Jennifer and her family sought the advice of Braces by DiMassa after many recommendations from her friends.  Dr. DiMassa discussed her treatment options and felt that braces would be the best treatment to correct her bite.  After only months of treatment, Jennifer could see fabulous results!  “I am not afraid to smile anymore,” Jennifer explains.  “All of my friends are so surprised at how straight my teeth are now.  Orthodontic treatment is definitely worth it!”  Jennifer feels so thankful to the entire Braces by DiMassa team for a beautiful, straight smile that finally makes her proud!


Patient: Natalie S.

Natalie S

Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of her teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Late in middle school, many of Natalie’s peers were completing their orthodontic treatments, getting their braces off, and revealing beautiful, straight smiles.  Natalie felt happy for her friends every time she saw their gorgeous smiles, and she saw the difference it made in their appearances.  She, too, wanted that type of smile and that type of confidence, so together with her parents, she consulted with Dr. DiMassa to discuss how he could craft her own fabulous smile.  After going through treatment at Braces by DiMassa, Natalie now glows with newfound confidence and with her own gorgeous smile!  “I take better care of my teeth so I can show off my smile now,” Natalie says.  “My new smile makes me more confident and better reflects my personality.”  Natalie no longer wishes for her peers’ straight smiles – she has her own and loves it!.  “I would tell anyone thinking about straightening their smile to go for it!” Natalie suggests.  “You have nothing to lose and all to gain…oh, and be sure to wear your retainer!”


Patient: Lauren P.

Lauren P

Dental Concern: Underbite

Treatment Selected: Early intervention working with growth to align her bite

Even at her young age, Lauren knew she didn’t have perfect teeth.  At a family gathering, her aunt began talking to her about all the improvements that come with a beautiful, straight smile – a smile that looks great and feels even better.  Dr. DiMassa, Lauren, and her parents discussed all of her needs and goals and found the perfect treatment option for her.  “I love when friends get the same kind of mouth piece I had,” Lauren says.  “I can tell them all about it!”  Lauren certainly was not disappointed in her decision to improve her smile.  In fact, everyone tells her she’s even cuter than before!


Patient: Barry T.

Barry T

Dental Concern: Wanted straight teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

In eighth grade, Barry could clearly see a difference in the kids who had straight teeth and those, like him, who did not.  The kids with straight teeth exuded confidence and happiness.  After seeing Dr. DiMassa’s results on a couple of his friends, Barry decided to see what orthodontics was all about.  Barry’s family met with the Braces by DiMassa team, and they felt braces would give him the smile he truly wanted.  “Everyone at Braces by DiMassa is nice, fun, and easy to talk to,” Barry enthuses.  “When they put my braces on, it didn’t hurt at all, and they explained everything so well.”  Now, Barry feels more confident talking to others, knowing that they see his beautiful, straight teeth – especially girls!  “My friends see me as a more confident person who is not afraid of having pictures taken.  Barry says. “I would recommend Dr. DiMassa to anyone no matter what your teeth look like.  I would rate the entire team a ten out of ten!”


Patient: David S.

David S

Dental Concern: Unhappy with the appearance of his teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Many adults see orthodontics as a treatment only for teenagers.  For David, he knew he would have to disregard any misconceptions he had because he wanted a straight smile not only for himself but also for his wife.  After a recommendation from his dentist, David visited Dr. DiMassa to see how he could improve his smile.  David listened as Dr. DiMassa talked to him about the various treatment options specifically suited for adults.  After careful consideration, David wore braces and now has the straight smile of his dreams – and of his wife’s dreams!  “I’m not embarrassed to smile anymore,” David says.  “Other wives in the neighborhood want their husbands to have their teeth fixed, too!”  David not only shattered an orthodontic misconception about adult treatment, but also he may have started an entire new neighborhood craze!


Patient: Jacquelyn M.

Jacquelyn M

Dental Concern: Underbite; unhappy with her smile

Treatment Selected: 1st phase working with growth; 2nd phase with braces

When you suffer from an underbite, it can not only affect your confidence and appearance, but also the way you speak.  For a teenager, sounding funny can be embarrassing.  Jacquelyn chose to follow in her sister’s footsteps and visit Dr. DiMassa to find a solution to her problems.   She completed a first phase of treatment where Dr. DiMassa worked with her growth to correct her jaw alignment.  Once all of her permanent teeth were in place, the second phase of treatment consisted of braces to straighten them.   “I feel much more sophisticated now and love to smile,” Jacquelyn says.  “All my friends tell me that when I smile, they can’t stop smiling back!”  Jacquelyn knows this is not just a smile change; this is a positive life change giving her improved speech and confidence.  “If you are thinking about improving your smile, you should do it,” Jacquelyn insists.  “You will be amazed at how it can change your perspective on life!”


Patient: Barbara M.

Dental Concern: Her son’s crooked teeth

Treatment Selected: Metal Braces

Barbara had been to other dental offices.  She knew all too well about the overly long waits and the distracted team members.  So, when Barbara’s son began treatment at Braces by DiMassa, she was shocked by the wonderful personal service, comfort, and efficiencies.  “Patients are engaged from the moment they arrive,” Barbara explains.  “Although you are never there long, the waiting room has ample reading material.  Both offices are beautifully designed for workflow, comfort, and enjoyment.”  When Barbara’s family visits Braces by DiMassa, they no longer think of painful adjustments, wires, and brackets.  They envision the smiling faces, comfortable atmosphere, and fun environment.  “Dr. DiMassa is knowledgeable, lively, and fun, and he naturally establishes a personal rapport with every patient,” Barbara enthuses.  “His team members are polished jewels helping the practice shine brightly.  They are all very experienced, efficient, and caring.”  Finally, Barbara’s family looks forward to visiting their orthodontist – they look forward to the entire experience.